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The MAS270P-24, HJSOLAR Solars 270 watt photovoltaic Module features 17% encapsulated cell efficiency and 14.5% module efficiency. With a 25 year warranty, the MAS270P-24 has superb durability to withstand rigorous Operating conditions. Ideal for grid-connected and remote Power systems, the MAS270P-24 modules offer the Maximum usable power per square foot of solar array.
■ High-power module using 156mm poly crystal silicon solar cells with 17% module conversion efficiency.
■ Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade.
■ Tempered glass, EVA resin, and weatherproof film, and anodized aluminium frame for extended outdoor use.
■ TUV、UL Listings: UL 1703, IEC61215, IEC61730 .
■ 5-year limited warranty on power output.

MECHANICAL Specification
Electrical Data

The electrical data applies to standard test conditions (STC):
Irradiance at the module level of 1,000 W/m2 with spectrum AM 1.5 and a cell temperature of 25° C
■ Model type MAS260P-24 MAS265P-24 MAS270P-24 MAS275P-24 MAS280P-24
■ Peak power(Pmax) 260W 265W 270W 275W 280W
■ Cell type Poly Crystalline Silicon, 156mm x 156mm
■ Number of cells 72 cells in a series
■ Weight 22.5 kg
■ Dimensions 1962×992×45mm
■ Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 36.00 36.20 36.50 36.60 36.70
■ Maximum power current (Imp) 7.22 7.32 7.40 7.54 7.63
■ Open circuit voltage (Voc) 43.50 43.63 43.63 43.78 43.78
■ Short circuit current (Isc) 7.80 7.90 8.00 8.14 8.24
■ Maximum system voltage TUV DC 1000V/UL DC600V
■ Temp. Coeff. of Isc (TK Isc) Temp. 0.009%/ oC
■ Coeff. of Voc (TK Voc) Temp. -0.34%/ oC
■ Coeff. of Pmax (TK Pmax) -0.37 %/ oC
■ Normal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2 oC

Electrical performance cell temperature:250C Temperature dependence of Isc,
Voc and Pmax Irradiance dependence of Isc,Voc and Pmax cell temperature:250C
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